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Sample Voice Over Scripts

It is true that a script that is well written is what principally contributes to a smoothly run recording session. Sample voice over scripts are essential for you to choose the one(s) that you prefer for your project. For example, not everyone will go for one particular style or tone and will need to see some voice over sample scripts to determine which one is most ideal for accomplishing a particular task.

We provide two such samples below:

Skin/Body Lotion Script Sample

The ground-breaking GentleSkin collection, which is conveniently packaged with you our valuable customer in mind, will take care of your unsightly wrinkles and use sophisticated technologies, to treat any irregularities with your tissues. The hypodermis as well as the dermis receives deep heating treatment. When all of these processes are combined, you will get an outcome of reduced cellulite as well as significant, and visible improvement to the quality and integrity of your skin.

Softly smooth out aging signs. With GentleSkin system.

“7-11″ Script Sample

You just got in from the graveyard shift at 3:00 a.m. …hunger is ripping your insides. With nothing in the cupboard and fridge, it’s a good thing you are out of dog biscuits because one would seem delicious right now. The idea of quickly preparing something on the stove crossed your mind but you remembered that your tenant has to go to work in a couple hours and cooking would disturb him. No need to panic. 7-11 is your savior. There is always one right around the corner. Opened all day, all week. Walk into your 7-11 kitchen with prepared meals at your convenience.

Voice talents greatly depend on visual cues for getting the voice over done correctly. Professional voice over service providers should be able to give you voice over scripts samples that they believe you will be able to use for your personal project.  Voice over script samples are designed for the artist to get a good idea of how the script should read so that it does not give off a ‘reading’ sound; like the words are being read directly from the script.